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Live Perseids (Meteor Shower) Webcam

August 13th 2013 from Midnight UK time: Live streaming coverage of the Perseids meteor shower.
Stream Location: Surprise View, Hathersage, Derbyshire, UK.
Broadcaster Since: August 12, 2013.
Hit Count: 32410.
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LIVE from Midnight on August 13th 2013, I'll be attempting to stream the meteor shower from the Peak District! Tune in then!

Current Status

03.15 (13th August 2013)(GMT+1) Clouded over. Oh well - it was fun looking. Going offline now. Thanks for joining in the fun! Goodnight!
02.30 (13th August 2013)(GMT+1) It's a lovely (bit cold!) starry evening but there's very few actual meteors showering down! To show you anything at all, I have to zoom in on a little cluster of bright stars. Not convinced you will see a perseid cross the exact place the camera is at but I hold out hope. I'll probably stick it out another hour or so, so offline at about 3.30am UK time.
00.40 (13th August 2013)(GMT+1) The stream may come and go - mobile coverage is patchy. Keep trying, it generally recovers within a minute or two. The cloud keeps covering up our little patch of sky here but hopefully it'll stay clear enough to at least see one little meteor!
23.30 (12th August 2013)(GMT+1) It's up and running! The camera is at maximum gain, lowest exposure and lowest frame rate, and the best you'll get is a couple of white dots! They are stars though!! There is some cloud cover though so you might just see black for long periods. I'll try and keep the camera aimed at something visible at least!
21.20 (12th August 2013)(GMT+1) Final tests at home done. Main concern is continuous power. Will have to wait and see how long a big old powerpack lasts! Will be setting off for the viewing site in a couple of hours.
15.00 (12th August 2013)(GMT+1) Well we've tested our dodgy hardware and software at home, and all seems to be ok. Got to buy an inverter for the car to make sure we have continuous power during the night. Hopefully the broadcast will start around midnight tonight.


Tonight, I'm attempting to broadcast the night sky from a place called 'Surprise View' near Hathersage in Derbyshire. Hopefully there will be dozens of meteorites I can zoom into and you will at least see something.

Unfortunately due to the relatively unknown bandwidth conditions, the picture may break up. If the stream is buffering a lot, try clicking stop, then play again on the player. If it's not connected at all, then I'll know about it. Also, I have no idea if the camera will be able to pick up the meteors, so it's a case of wait and see!

More Info

See this news article for more info about the phenomenon.

This is a satellite image of where we will be. Feel free to zoom out and get a feel for it!

Surprise View is known as one of the best Stargazing areas, especially in the Peak District.
View Larger Map

Equipment Used:
- HP Pavilion Laptop
- Sony FX1E HDV Camcorder (linked in with Firewire)
- 'Three' Mobile dongle
- Some powerpacks - Some blankets
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